Innovative Pain Treatment Solutions and Surgery Center of Temecula is proud to offer the latest advances in regenerative medicine, including platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP.  This advanced treatment has produced positive results for many individuals with osteoarthritis, chronic tendon injuries, acute ligament tears, muscle strains and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.

PRP therapy leverages the regenerative abilities of the patient’s own platelets – which contain high levels of growth factors – to facilitate healing around an injured area.

Procedure Overview

This clinic-based procedure involves drawing a blood sample from the patient, which is then placed in a specialized centrifuge system which separates platelets, white blood cells, and serum from red blood cells.  This concentration of platelets and growth factors are then injected directly into the affected joint or tissue. Patients report accelerated recovery periods when PRP therapy is combined with other conservative treatments like physical therapy and bracing.

Common Questions About PRP Therapy

The entire PRP treatment, from blood draw, to solution preparation, to injection, takes approximately 45 minutes.

Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, one to three injections are suggested. Following the initial treatment with PRP, a follow-up visit occurs 2-3 weeks later. At this visit, an evaluation of your response to the initial therapy is performed and a decision is made regarding the need for additional treatments.

PRP therapy is generally considered a safe procedure with minimal complications; however, as with any medical procedure, complications can occur. The main risks include the risk of bleeding, infection, and some pain during and after the procedure. Working with a qualified physician can minimize these risks.

After the initial injection, there may be pain and soreness for the next few days at the site of injury. For a few days before the injection and the week after the injection, it is critical to avoid anti-inflammatory medications, including Advil, Motrin, ibuprofen, Aleve, Celebrex, and aspirin (unless prescribed by your heart doctor). These will interfere with and delay the healing response. Tylenol is OK. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication also.

The procedure is elective and is not covered by insurance. Payment is the patient’s responsibility. Payment in full for all treatments is required at the time of service and is non-refundable. The cost per injection is $850.

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Natural and organic, using your own reservoir of platelets
  • Regenerative properties may speed up and promote healing
  • May decrease the inflammation associated with osteoarthritis
  • Little to no downtime
  • Reduced risk of infection

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At Innovative Pain Treatment Solutions and Surgery Center, we take a personalized approach to regenerative medicine and pain management care to ensure our patients receive treatment that is perfectly suited to their unique needs. By merging compassionate service with advanced techniques, we help patients return to the things they enjoy most in life as quickly and safely as possible.

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